BinaDroid Review: What’s True and What’s Not?


In today’s tech-savvy world the finance sector has made some tremendous and note worthy additions to its pool. The binary trade market has seen technology just sweep over the market grabbing the attention of traders who are benefiting and experiencing a leap in their income generation with the help of these software’s and other technological support.

The BinaDroid is a software made by Troy Everett. It is designed to make binary trade an easy way to earn money. With its success rate of 80%- 90%, it has taken the binary market world with a storm. People are anticipating that this software will be the answer to guaranteed profits from binary trade options in the future. Let’s see what makes BinaDroid such a promising software:

  1. Automated: Like it says, this software is thoroughly 100% automated.

  2. Learn and Grow: one doesn’t have to a be a pro in the binary market. You can be a complete amateur but if you really look into and understand the signals that the software offers, you can easily grow and learn to make higher profits. It literally teaches you how the markets work.

  3. Transparency: there are no terms and conditions applied. It is what it says it is. A real simple, free, automated software that makes dreams of generating wealth a reality. It is completely free like it says.

  4. User-friendly: one doesn’t have to download it on the system or phone. The format is compatible with phones too; so one can just enter username and password and begin trading. Available across the world to a number of nations; it is one of the most wide spread and inclusive software thereby broadening the trade options for its users.

  5. Numerous signals every single day: the software offers its customers with multiple signals every day. These could range from 19-89 binary trading signals. One may not follow all the signals but just by trading with a few signals offered; you can generate quick and easy money. It is not very difficult to convert the 200$ you have invested into a whopping 20000$ in a few days. That’s the beauty of this software. With a minimum requirement of just 5$, it is not such a risky affair to give it a try.

  6. Support rendered: the support team is one of the quickest to respond to your queries and concerns. Their promptness is highly appreciated.


Why is it so hard to believe that BinaDroid is real? Like they say when something is too good to be true it is hard to believe but the fact is that sometimes there are something’s that are genuinely too good and completely true and authentic.

The software is definitely not a scam as there are too many people testifying to its goodness and success. Some competitors may try to frame it but its success can be seen to be having far reaching effects. There is no such thing as easy money; the software doesn’t just act like a money plant for you. One needs to invest time to understand the signals and study the market as the software leads you. If you implement the signals; there are high chances of you making profits. Higher the risk-higher the gain; but we don’t want to take risks. The software helps in bringing low the risk factor, not completely extinguishing it, though.

Lastly, it is one of the software’s closest to being 100% foolproof. With the accuracy that it offers; people around the globe are giving it a shot. There is nothing much to lose, anyway! So, give it a sure try!

24Option Review: Pioneers not Traitors

brokertNobody would want to trade with a broker who seems be suspicious. We all would prefer transparency in our business. The same goes with 24Option. They have been one of the pioneers in the Binary Options trading. Their input has been acknowledged and recognized by many nations too. When you know they have a license number with the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and have a registered office, one can be rest assured of their authenticity.

24Option is a Binary Option Broker. They have been voted the best in the world because of the exclusive and unique features that they offer. Any newcomer who is hesitant at first becomes a convert here; as they explain the ease, convenience and safety with which one can trade. If you looking for more information about binary option broker check here.

Let us take a sneak peek into the reasons for its success:

  1. It offers a platform that none other brokers have offered. From having the most number of currency pairs available for trading to having the highest number of deposit options available to international customers; the platform it offers cannot be competed with.

  2. The broker regularly offers huge bonuses to its customers and incentives too to encourage trade with them.

  3. It offers maximum payouts to its clients. People have claimed to have made 70% profit in the 60 second option. How much more would you expect in one minute? That turnover is remarkable and merely encourages the clients to go in for other options.

  4. The interface is very simple and highly pleasing to use. This makes trading an enjoyable experience.

  5. They offer different type of accounts; such as – Platinum, Gold and Standard account based on your requirements and your ability to trade.

  6. They offer a free demo account; this feature is one that sets it apart from the others. No other option gives you this advantage. This allows you to acquaint yourself with how it functions enabling you to take an unambiguous decision about what you are investing in to.

  7. Their support team is phenomenally one of the best you can ask for. They are brilliant in understanding your needs and concerns and will do whatever possible to offer a solution. They offer customer service in 13 different languages.

  8. The Deposits and Withdrawals are very simple too. The client doesn’t have to be bogged down with tedious procedures in anyway. They have made binary trading an easy task.


Now the question arises; why have they been rated as a scam? Well, here is the catch- the bonuses offered have terms and conditions. It is not their fault that clients take decisions without reading the terms. All good bonuses need not be accepted but only those with which the client is comfortable with. No point in claiming them to be traitors when we haven’t done our job of thorough reading. They have a worldwide reputation to maintain; perhaps wouldn’t want to hamper the same by deceiving their clients. They are truly safe and genuine. So go ahead and win!

Banc de Binary: The World’s Broker


Who wouldn’t want to blindly trust a broker and be rest assured that his/her money is in safe hands? Not just in safe hands but a confidence that the investment would multiply? Well, the answer to both is Banc de Binary; these brokers have proven it to the world that they are one of the finest. Find more information about best binary brokers:

They have customers across 80 countries around the world thereby displaying their creditworthiness that no other binary trade option can compare with. There are many important features for which they are famous for. Here are a few:

  • Learner’s paradise: everybody wants to grow and learn to be independent. The same applies to customers. They desire to know how the market works so that they can reap the maximum benefits from it. The learners will not be disappointed here. They make learning a fun experience and are very kind in sharing great market tips.

  • Convenience: anytime, anywhere; that’s how we wish to function these days. The mobile app offers this expediency. One can simply download the app and use it as and when needed. No need to run to a computer; with just the ease of a mobile phone one can trade and make money.

  • Attractive bonuses: who doesn’t like extra money? Banc de Binary offers some amazing bonuses that one wouldn’t want to miss out on. The bonuses offered by them are some of the highest in the world and cannot be compared to other binary trading options. They have bonuses for new members as they join, to for those who have been trading a lot etc. When it comes to giving bonuses; their generosity is to be highly applauded for.

  • Maximum profit: ultimately profit is the motive why we trade and they offer some of the best payouts in the world. There are ample testimonies of people enjoying profits of 60%-90% on an average. Now, that’s what we a call a successful broker!

  • Navigation made easy: any newbie would never feel lost here. The site is designed in such a manner that one can explore a variety of options and think through what would suit them best. The help offered during the navigation can also benefit the customer in making the right choice.


Finally, Banc de Binary has set a benchmark for itself in the world because of the kind of deposits, withdrawals and other features it has. Some say that it is a scam but looking at the integrity with which they function and are pursuing regulation from FCA etc. it does seem that they are here to do real, genuine business. Let’s hope they find favor with the authorities and achieve higher accomplishments in the market.