Stockpair: A Unique Broker


Innovation is the need of the hour. With so many binary trade options hovering around the markets today, there was need to do something different. Stockpair is another league all together. It offers something unique from the other binary options. It offers pair options; the first of its kind in the world. They introduced this concept of including pairing in binary trade. Little did they know that the entire world would be creating massive traffic on their site to trade on

So, what is this pairing option? Pair trading is a combination of Forex trading and binary option trading; the trader has to choose between two assets. The objective is to determine which one of the assets would generate better returns before a speculated time period. Thus the pairing option has become a movement in the trading scenario for its uniqueness and promising returns.

They are now regulated by Cyprus Security Exchange Commission and have a registered office too. This gives the clients a green card of safety to deal with them.

A trendsetter indeed; this broker has made trading a whole new experience all together. Here are some outstanding innovations added by them:

  • One thing that worries traders is the deadline or the so called expiry time. If the time has come and the desired price hasn’t then we lose out but this trading site came up with something unusually brilliant. They have kick started the all new KIKO option; Knock In-Knock Out. There is no expiry time here. The two target prices decided by you will be entered and whichever hits first will determine your profits. This has been a breather for so many traders who would never enter this market because of the fear of the expiry time.
  • The site offers Bonuses with no terms and conditions. Doesn’t matter about your withdrawals or deposits. You are worthy of a bonus just because you are trading with them. Isn’t that fantastic news? One can enjoy generous bonus without having to invest generously.
  • Their support team is available at all times to help. They are very understanding and give you complete attention.
  • The website is extremely user-friendly, making the experience of trading a fun learning one.

Lastly, they can definitely not be a scam. Their input has taken the binary trade option market to whole new level and they are definitely thriving. This can only happen if customers are satisfied. They are fairly new as compared to the other binary options available in the market. However, they seem to be catching up with the others by coming up with something creative and unique at every stage for a better experience.

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